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You are off on the trip of a lifetime. You and your family are excited. You have taken care of everything. Tickets, passports, credit cards and sunscreen. What could possibly go wrong? Well, nothing, we hope. But hoping doesn't make it so. Broker IT is the best way to get travel insurance quotes in a hurry. We have searched the market in Ireland to make sure that you and your family are well insured. International travel is now a normal part of everyday life. It has become a gateway to fun and business opportunities. But it also exposes us to some risks. Home and motor insurance have become an essential protection. Travel insurance is also now a 'must have'.

Our Insurance Partners

We have used our many years of experience in the industry to identify the best suppliers of travel insurance for you.


Do you need to compare Travel Insurance Quotes?

We know that the best way to ensure value is to enable you to compare travel insurance quotes. That's why we have picked out the best companies that offer travel insurance policies like single-trip, multi-trip, golf or ski holidays. We want you to have the travel insurance that is most suitable for you.

Do you need Single-Trip Travel Insurance?

Single trip cover can be designed to meet your needs and take care of things you mightn't even think of. You may lose baggage or personal belongings. What if flights are cancelled? You may need emergency medical assistance. With single-trip travel insurance you are covered.

Do you need Multi-Trip Travel Insurance?

If you travel regularly for business or pleasure then multi-trip travel insurance is exactly what you need. This type of Travel Insurance covers you for all trips in a full year. You do not have to get a new policy each time. Multi-trip travel Insurance cover is available to individuals, couples, families and groups.

Am I covered for Winter Sports?

Winter sports are all about adventure but that doesn't mean taking unnecessary risks! If your equipment is lost or damaged then suitable travel insurance will have you covered. If you suffer an injury then medical expenses are covered.

Should I have Backpacker Travel Insurance?

You are a backpacker. You are off on a journey to exciting cities or remote wilderness. Don't let your sense of adventure allow you to set off without Backpacker Travel Insurance. That is too adventurous. Backpacker Travel Insurance has become an essential item of luggage if you are going on a longer trip.

Cheap Travel Insurance

Just because you want to get cheap travel insurance does not mean you should take more risks. Our partners offer cheap travel insurance quotes which cover all of your needs. This means you have the peace of mind you need to enjoy your trip. Do I need Travel Insurance? Well, if you find yourself saying any of these things then you do.
  • I need an ambulance.
  • I need a dentist.
  • My trip has been cancelled.
  • I've lost my luggage.
  • My money has been stolen.
  • I've had an accident.
  • I've caused an accident.
  • I need a solicitor.
  • My flight is delayed.
  • They lost my golf clubs.
  • My skis are damaged.

Can I compare Travel Insurance Quotes?

We offer you the chance to compare travel insurance quotes from different companies. You can weigh up the most important options so that you can pick the best one. Spend some time deciding what is most important to you. You may value some features more than others. For instance, cancellation cover may be more important to you than medical expenses. It is your choice that matters.

How do I find cheap Travel Insurance in Ireland?

You already have. Our partners offer cheap travel insurance in Ireland to meet your needs. No matter where in the world you travel we can meet your travel insurance needs for golf, winter holidays and even getting married. That means that you can concentrate on relaxing and enjoying your trip.